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A Banner Day for Lake Bluff History

If you’re out for a walk in Lake Bluff this week be sure to head downtown to see the I am Lake Bluff History banners that were created last year by the Lake Bluff History Museum. You will learn about some of the famous and/or noteworthy people who once walked our village streets.

And for even more information, visit the museum’s website for profiles of the banner subjects.

Here are several photos of the banners on May 8. I love how the Village of Lake Bluff crews strategically placed some of these! See captions for links to the bios on the Lake Bluff History Museum's website.

Olympic speed skater Ken Henry is memorialized this week in front of Clockworks.

The banner for the Deaconesses who founded the Lake Bluff Children's Home is placed near the train station. The first deaconess arrived in Lake Bluff by train with six orphaned children.

After her divorce from Ernest Hemingway, Hadley Richardson Hemingway married a journalist and lived in Shore Acres with him and her son, Bumby.

Actor David Pasquesi's banner faces the gazebo. Visit this link for David's bio

Members of the women's club diverted General Douglas MacArthur into the village when he was on his way from Chicago to Milwaukee. Click here for more on that story

Imagine seeing a wooden bi-plane buzz over Prospect Avenue on a crisp, sunny day. That's what Billy Vanderkloot Jr. used to do. Read about him here.

Hmmm..... the banner for notorious adman Draper Daniels was placed near the brew pub...

Lake Bluff's most famous opera star, Marion Claire

Infamous anarchist and radical Emma Goldman

Dr. Donalee Tabern, inventor of the sedative Sodium Pentathol, one of the most widely used anesthetics in the world.

Artists on the Bluff co-founder Barbara Trentham, an actress and artist who inspired many.