• LB Strong

A Dogs on the Bluff 'How-To'

The Lake Bluff History Museum's new Lake Bluff Walking Tours app has a new tour that guides users through the amazing Dogs on the Bluff public art installation.

This is a great tool to use while out walking around Lake Bluff. It is also a SUPER FUN digital experience for those who can't get to the village to see these canine works of art up front and in person!

The Dogs on the Bluff walking tour was produced by the Lake Bluff 125 Committee and is sponsored by Abbott to celebrate the village's anniversary. It was launched in July and has is a joyful, creative expression of the spirit of Lake Bluff. And it's free! Just download Lake Bluff Walking Tours app on Google Play or Apple's app store.

The Dogs on the Bluff Walking Tour shares the story behind each dog (there are nearly 70 of them!). This includes the sponsor and artist names, details of the design and artistic process, and the location of each dog, puppy and fire hydrant in the exhibit.

The Lake Bluff Library created a "how-to" video to help people see how easy it is to download and use the Lake Bluff Walking Tours app. Please take a look, and share it with your friends and family who would enjoy a mobile tour of the village and its show of Dogs.