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Boston Red Sox to Lake Bluff: Tyler Esplin Comes Home

By Ann Grant

Tyler Esplin returned to Lake Bluff 's Troyer Field to talk baseball with Bob Troyer and Tom Grant recently. Tyler played at Troyer Field at Artesian Park in Lake Bluff as a youth and returned to meet two baseball fans. He was signed with the Boston Red Sox in 2017 and is now at home because of COVID 19 and a shortened minor league season.

Bob Troyer was a Little League coach and umpire for many years and Tom Grant was a pitcher in the minor league for Kansas City. They got to try out their skills with the 21-year-old outfielder and quiz him on what it is like today to be a professional baseball player. After the conversations, Tyler stayed on the field to give some instruction to some eager students.

Tom and Bob went home with happy memories of their encounter...and maybe COVID-19 didn’t seem quite as bad since it allowed them to meet Tyler.

Tyler Esplin, Bob Troyer and Tom Grant at Troyer Field in Lake Bluff; photos by Ann Grant

Photos by Ann Grant