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LB Preschool Families Plant Micro-Prairie

Who started it? Lake Bluff Open Lands Association and Lake Bluff Preschool

Why was it started? LBOLA Board Member, Bill Nordeen, approached LB Preschool with the idea of the planting a micro-prairie so the children will develop early in life the love of nature, specifically plants. It also serves as a butterfly weigh station.

Who participated? All of the Lake Bluff Preschool families were invited to sign up for a time slot. These were restricted to 15 minute increments (one family at a time), and all participants had to respect social distancing while wearing masks.

What plants were planted? Fox Sedge, Prairie Blazing Star, Ironweed, Gray’s Sledge, Wild Beramont, Purple Coneflower, Obedient Plant, Culvers Root, Swamp Milkweed, Little Bluestem

Who can access it? It was planted right next to the Preschool’s playground. It's for the preschoolers, but certainly anyone can enjoy it.

Who will maintain it? Our maintenance staff will maintain it and the children will help when they can and is appropriate. Also, LBOLA will keep a watchful eye over it and continue to support it’s growth and health.

Can community members get food from it when things start growing? No food, just plants and flowers. Not for picking.

Can community members still plant things (or was it a one time thing)? One time thing.

Who can community members contact about it? Dana Hansen of Lake Bluff Park District or Bill Nordeen of LBOLA

Where can more information be found about it?  www.LBOLA.org