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LB Nurse Shares What It's Really Like On Covid-19 Front Line

Updated: May 5, 2020

Lake Bluff’s Jessica Taylor is an ER nurse at a hospital in Lake County treating COVID-19 patients, including people in their 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s. She wrote of her experience after a brutal shift and agreed to let LakeBluffStrong share her story, which originally was posted in a local parenting Facebook group. She wants people to know that it’s not just the elderly and frail residents of nursing homes who are dying from COVID-19.

In addition to being an ER nurse, Jessica also teaches medical and nursing students and she runs a company that provides emergency-nursing education to nursing students.

Local Update You Won’t Get in the News

By Jessica Taylor

The hospital just converted part of the ER to an ICU. So now we have 3 ICUs in the hospital. We ran out of vents yesterday. The ages of my patients in the COVID ICU: 27, 30, 38... and one had a baby a week ago. My 47-year-old from last week is still there on a vent. And he likely will continue to be that way until the family is ready to say goodbye. It’s not just the old, sick, nursing home patients dying which everyone so badly wants to believe.

Yes, we do still have a military tent in the parking lot with international medical volunteers too. Our docs have taken pay cuts, many staff have been furloughed or let go, and we just filed for bankruptcy. The new challenge? Nurses calling off or just not showing up. They’re getting burnt out left and right. I don’t even know half (or more) of the nurses in the ICU yesterday. They’re all from different states. When I finally got to leave last night (14 hours into my 12-hour shift), I walked past our pulmonologist sitting on the floor, up against the wall. She was exhausted. She’s amazing. Thank God for people like her that do keep coming back.

On a brighter note: Everyone has access to enough PPE! Thanks to everyone for the caps, masks, facemasks, and food! AND... I got to see another Bluffer ER nurse in the ICU trenches with me yesterday! 😁

ER nurse Jessica Taylor