• adriennewfawcett

Bluffers Put Local Spin on Masks

Lake Bluff's J.B. and Claire Weiler are making lemonade out of the lemons the COVID-19 pandemic is serving up: They are selling professionally made masks through a new website and a downtown Lake Bluff pop-up shop.

Customers can order masks online at LBLFMasks.com, and for the time being the Weilers are delivering to Lake Bluff, Lake Forest and Highland Park. Soon they plan to offer curb-side pickup from the vacant PNC Bank building, which they own, on Scranton Avenue in downtown Lake Bluff.

The Weilers have been in the snack-food business for many years, and they were looking for a project to do during the shut-in. Their best friend owns a sporting goods company in Wheeling that’s facing a revenue decline during the pandemic, so he retooled his equipment and tweaked his supply chain to manufacture something everyone needs right now: masks.

LBLFMasks.com offers five designs, including embroidered letters LB, LF or HP. Other designs include a U.S. flag and a rainbow flag. The masks are made of three breathable layers. One dollar of every mask sold will be donated to a local charity.

Visit LBLFMasks.com for information and order forms.

Stay Lake Bluff Strong, everyone!

J.B. and Claire Weiler in front of their pop-up shop"on Scranton Avenue in Lake Bluff.