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Sunrise Beach to Check IDs

Updated: May 4, 2020

Lake Bluff Park District wants to keep on keeping Sunrise Beach open during the COVID-19 shut-in, but there will be restrictions as of Saturday, May 9.

To access the beach in Lake Bluff beginning May 9, residents will need a 2020 beach pass or a valid state ID with a Lake Bluff address. There is no charge for the beach pass (our taxes take care of that), but you will need to prove that you live here in order to use the beach for free. Those who live outside of the park district will be required to pay a daily fee.

Also, the Park District is putting a cap on how many people can be on the beach at a given time.

LakeBluffStrong asked Park District communications director Jeff Spillman to explain how this is all going to work:

Q: How do people get a beach pass—isn’t the Park District facility closed now because of COVID-19?

A: Lake Bluff residents who had a beach pass in 2019 are eligible to renew it online -- click here to renew. If you don’t have a beach pass, you can bring a valid state ID that shows proof of residency.

NOTE: They must have had a beach pass in 2019 to get one this year. Meaning, they must have an account they can log into and purchase it. If they have not used online registration before, they can enter their email and click forgot password. This will help them login, then they can go to the memberships tab add select 2020 beach membership at the top. Click here to renew.

Q: As of May 9, is the beach open just to residents who live in the Lake Bluff Park District?

A: No, everyone is welcome. Residents need a pass or ID to get in free, and non-residents pay a daily fee.

Q: What is the fee for non-residents?

A: Children 2–14 years old $10; Adults 15–64 years old $15; Adults 65 years old and up $12

Q: Are the people checking IDs the volunteer beach monitors brought in during COVID-19 time or are they Park District beach attendants?

A: As of May 9, Park District staff

Q: If the beach gets too crowded, will staff turn people away? Has that happened yet?

A: We increased the maximum capacity to 75. It has not happened yet but if we do get to the situation where we have that many on the beach, it will be a one-out one-in situation.

Q: Do you think the beach will be open this summer as in the past?

A: We are optimistic that we will be able to open for swimming with lifeguards Memorial Day weekend. Like anything these days, this can change depending on orders from the state or Illinois Department of Public Health.

Q: Is the Park District hiring summer staff positions such as life guards? What are you guys telling kids who apply for summer jobs?

A: Yes, we are saying go online and apply now. Applicants will be contacted once we know more specifically what the summer will look like. Click here for the application.

Q: What is the rule about dogs at Sunrise Beach? A: If you bring your dog to the beach, the dog must be leashed. The only area that they may be off leash is on the dog beach, north of the temporary fencing on the north end of the beach.

Q: After May 9, will leashed dogs still be allowed on the human beaches? (In the summer isn’t the rule that dogs can only be on the dog beach, leashed or not?) A: Usually Dog Beach-only is the rule, but since it was so heavily damaged in the storms we are working on alternative solutions. Until then, leashed dogs are allowed on human beaches.

Q: Are the stairs, shelters and playgrounds still closed?

A: Yes -- we are asking all guests to use the access road as the point of entry. Both the stairway and north end path leading to the beach have been closed. We want to help maintain social distancing and the wider access road gives you a better opportunity to do so. On the beach the playground and shelters are closed in accordance with Governor Pritzker’s executive order.

Q: Any other restrictions?

A: Only 75 people can be on the beach at any time. If you use the beach for exercise, running, yoga or training on the hill please consider off hours as the best time to use the beach on warm weather days.