• LB Strong

Up Dog!

So much has been cancelled this summer ... but not the dogs. Specifically, not Lake Bluff’s first-ever Dogs on the Bluff public art display, although it is being delayed by a few weeks.

The Lake Bluff 125 Committee's Dogs on the Bluff display will launch in mid-July instead of the weekend of June 20-21, when it was originally planned to open during the Artists on the Bluff art fair, which has been cancelled, and the Lake Bluff History Museum Auto Show, also called off for the year due to the COVID-19 pandemic and shelter-in-place restrictions.

Do not despair at the delay of Dogs on the Bluff — it will be worth the wait, because Dogs on the Bluff is simply going to be amazing and uplifting, even if you don’t like dogs (but who in Lake Bluff doesn’t like dogs?)

When the dogs are unleashed in mid-July, they will be hard to miss. More than 70 artfully painted fiberglass dogs, puppies and even a few fire hydrants will be displayed in downtown Lake Bluff and Sunrise Park, at the Lake Bluff Rec Center and Lake Bluff Golf Course, and at various sponsoring business’ locations.

The canines and hydrants are colorful masterpieces created with ingenuity and talent by local artists, community organizations, businesses, individuals and families. Each one sports a glossy coat thanks to Greg’s Auto Body, which donated time and materials to provide the final varnish coat. A number of the pieces will be available for sale at the conclusion of the public display, with proceeds benefiting Lake Bluff History Museum. Details to come on that point …

And a Dogs on the Bluff Walking Tour will be added to the brand-new Lake Bluff Walking Tours app, which the Lake Bluff History Museum launched in May and to which additional tours will be added this summer and in 2021. The mobile app will provide information on each piece and the sponsoring business, organization or individual behind its creation. You may download the app – FOR FREE!! – on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Want to know more about Dogs on the Bluff? You will find a preview of this amazing collection at the Lake Bluff 125 Committee’s website.