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Wear Your Lake Bluff Pride!

The Lake Bluff 125 Committee's web store is re-stocked and open for business! It has new designs and fan favorites from 2019. But there's the catch: you need to order now! The web store will close on May 27. It will re-open in mid-June for a period of time, but it's best to order early.

Click here to see the lineup of items and place your order now!

The Lake Bluff logo is really cool -- it includes the names of 133 Lake Bluff streets. Here's a closeup:

You may purchase various styles of T-shirts and sweatshirts with the above logo.

There are also several items with the brightly colored Happy 125 Lake Bluff logo, created by Lynne Grenier. These items include boat totes, baseball hat, T-shirts and sweatshirts.

And here are some photos of a Lake Bluff model showing off her hometown pride!

If you love Lake Bluff, wear it on your sleeve! And tote! And hat!

Visit the Lake Bluff 125 Committee's web store to order your Lake Bluff gear now!