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When You Wish Upon A Tree

When Jack Murrill, age 9, logged into his Lake Bluff Elementary third grade classroom for e-learning last week, his teacher, Kathy Scheffer, had a message about a book they read earlier this year. 

“If you remember when we read “Wishtree,” the first of May is when people would gather around Red,” she said. 

Written by Katherine Applegate, the book tells the story of a neighborhood tree named Red. “People visit the tree every May Day and hang things on it,” said Jack.

When Jack’s mom, Adrienne, overheard the teacher’s morning message, she asked Jack and his sister, Claire, if they should make one.  

“I thought a lot of people would be out walking today, and that it’d be a nice way to connect at a distance with neighbors,” Adrienne said. 

Jack’s sister, Claire, age 7, read the book too. “I read it while we were home for Covid-19,” she said. “It looked like a good book. I like that it has animals in it.”

They made a sign and left pens and gift tags next to a flowering tree in their front yard. They each added a wish, and waited all day to see if anyone else would add one too.  

“My wish is to go back to school,” wrote Jack.

“My wish is to go to the pool,” said Claire. 

“My wish is to go to Bluffinia,” Adrienne added.

By the end of the day, the tree had more than 25 tags with a wish. “I think we have a new May Day tradition,” Adrienne said. 

Adrienne, Jack snd Claire Murrill of Lake Bluff

Blake and Brady Goberville of Lake Bluff